Pippa Middleton Wedding Dress

If you fancied the dress that Pippa Middleton wore as a bridesmaid at The Wedding (which was indeed very nice – so nice in fact that it raised the blood pressure of many men across the globe), why not pick up a similar(sort of) one from Motasem here» (at only £695, it seems a bit of a bargain).  – Keren

How will your wedding smell?

I got an email through ages ago from a company who makes all kinds of delicious smelling whatnots.  They also offer a bespoke wedding scenting service.  Now after initial read-through, I thought it was a little gimmicky, but it’s really stuck in my mind.  Smell is undoubtedly evocative.  The idea is that you have a special scent around at your wedding, and then send your guests home with a candle of that same scent so that when they light it, they remember your wedding.  How cool is that?!

So anyway.  If you’re interested, check out their website – they’re called NEOM Luxury Organics ». – Keren

THAT dress (or should I say THOSE dresses)

Kate Middleton may well have changed wind patterns at the collective universal sigh of satisfaction at the sight of her wedding dress  – it was everything it should have been and then some.  Exquisite, simple, clean lines in only the way seriously wonderful designers seem to achieve; beautiful lace, and modest yet sexy.  Very fine indeed.  And her evening dress was just as beautiful in a similar way, minus the lace.  Well done, Princess William of Wales (and Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen).

(Sorry, I don’t know who the original credit for these pictures go to – let me know if you know…)

Two things that made me laugh

Two things that made me laugh this week:

Look closely – Will’s hair has taken on a remarkably reddish patina.  I’m quite seriously tempted to buy it, just for the amoosement factor.  You can pick up your own here »

And this animated gif had me shooting tea out my nose (too charming I know).

It’s true, this really did happen to this most unfortunate couple – see their original wedding video on YouTube here»

Via Wedinator »

Alan Hannah Accessories

I’d like to share something rather special with you – one of the projects we’ve been busy with over the last few months has been an ecommerce website for Alan Hannah.  They’ve put together their very own Alan Hannah wedding accessories range to match up with their gorgeous Alan Hannah and MiaMia dresses, and I can honestly and unbiasedly… is that even a word??… say that they have some of the prettiest bling I have ever seen.

Well hello there…

I think it’s time to stick my head out from under this rather cosy rock I’ve been living under these last four months. And what a four months it’s been.  Wills and Kate got engaged, there was a rotten earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and another rotten earthquake in Japan. Two mornings I’ve woken up to news of bad earthquakes and felt sick with dread at the knowledge that people I loved were at the epicentres (my brother lives in Christchurch, my best friend was holidaying in Japan).  Both are fine, thankfully, though my brother’s house not so much.

Sandwiched in-between all that was some bad health news (not terrible, I’m not going to keel over or anything, hopefully…*gulp*) that I’ve now mostly managed to get my head around, along with other work that has had to take precedence (paying the rent and all that).  Thus I haven’t been feeling up to posting.  Heyho. QUITE glad those four months are behind me.

SO ANYWAY, I’m back, and raring to go.