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My name is Keren, and I’m from New Zealand, though I now live in Birmingham, in the UK, much to the surprise of many English people who think I’m nuts.  I think it has something to do with the weather.  I’m the co-owner of Wedding Gown Town, (the other part of the equation is my other half, Tim, who is not really interested in weddings, but rather more interested in anything else, from history and physics to cricket and football.  For the non-Europeans amongst us, football is England speak for soccer – my education is now complete).

Wedding Gown Town is still cooking – it’s an exciting project that will really help out both brides and bridal shops. I’ll announce what it’s all about on the blog when I have something more to share…

So, what floats my boat.  Well.  I love design (I’m a web designer by trade, and am a partner in a company called Creative Infusion Ltd, which also trades under I Do I Do). And I appreciate the glories of wedding related things.

If you have any products, tips, or real life weddings with pictures that you think I could include on this blog, please do mail me on hello[@]weddinggowntown.com – I’d really and truly love to hear from you, as I’m always on the lookout for goodies.

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  1. Hi Keren,
    I’m not quite sure how I found you, but I’m glad I did!
    I am owner and designer of Artistic Veil Design Studio, LLC in Port Charlotte, FL USA. I design and create Bridal Veils and Accessories. My form of “Goodies”.
    You will find new things Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Artistic-Veil-Design-Studio-LLC/284732453931?ref=ts
    Or on Wedding Wire http://www.weddingwire.com/biz/artistic-veil-design-studio-llc-port-charlotte/e25f1536a9b529c2.html
    My website is “challenged” it’s a long story – difficult to change anything on it so I use FB and WW.

  2. Hi Kerren!
    Love your website!! Wish mine looked like that!
    I own a small home-based business, Mel’s Bridal Capes & Crinolines located in Cornwall ON Canada.
    My story in a nut shell….
    I got married in winter and had the hardest time finding something to keep me warm in my sleeeveless gown…only 70’s inspired capes that cost a fortune in bridal shops…hence the idea of sewing bridal “outerwear” came to life. My friend who is a wedding photographer did well renting my capes to “chilled” brides during outdoor photo shoots and encouraged me to go on my own in this field.
    My website is rudimentary as you will see but I’d appreciate any feedback. Thankyou! Sincerely, Mel

  3. gravatar sheena popat


    need help finding a wedding gown
    san patrick sa eresma in a size 6
    any ideas?

  4. Hi Karen
    Great idea and a great web site, brides will love it well done.
    My name is gaynor and i have a small business called willow and lace, we make vintage millinery and bouquets to match if required.
    I would love to do a post on facebook about this with your permission. we are currently in the mist of all the new web site and all the mind blowing links and media Knowledge that comes with it.
    If you could get back to me with any relevant hash tags i can do a post for you.
    Look forward to your reply.


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