Top 20 best dressed celebrity brides of all time

I’ve noticed in my Google Analytics that (for some reason) I keep getting hits from people wanting to know the most beautiful wedding dresses of all time.  Which made me think, hey, great idea for a blog post (though I’m limiting it to the celebrity angle so it’s not too huge)! So thanks, you creative surfers.  But then I got to thinking, well, that’s a pretty weighty topic to claim knowledge on, and really this ought to be a democratic process.  So I need your help, lovely readers.

What celebrities do you think deserve to be on the top 20 list?  Once I have a list, I’ll open up a poll, but I need the list first.  Feel free to pull from films, real life, the past, the present, wherever – I’d love you to contribute.

I’m starting it with two dresses (that are in fact v. similar) – Grace Kelly’s wedding dress, and Katherine Middleton’s wedding dress.  So, what else?

White by Vera Wang, at David’s Bridal

If you’ve always hankered after Vera Wang but thought it was waay out of your budget ballpark, something MOST exciting happened at the beginning of the year – Vera Wang teamed up with David’s Bridal (the largest bridalwear retailer in the US, and by largest, I mean 300 stores and counting *gulp*) to create a diffusion line. And predictably, the dresses are beautiful.

Obviously there are also bridesmaid dresses by David’s Bridal, but specifically there are Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses! Oh yes indeedy, and they are so pretty they make your eyes ache. Beautiful lines, dramatic detailing… bliss.

Dress of the Day | Amsale

Everything about this Amsale gown is delicious, from the richness of the colour through to the hand-pleated detailing on the skirt.  Yum!

Update: I watched the final of Brothers and Sisters last night (can’t believe it’s the last one ever – *sob*), and watched Sarah get married in a tea length version of this very dress, which looked beautiful. Though I thought her veil looked a bit twitty.

Lily Allen’s wedding dress

Lily Allen got married on the weekend, and looked very happy with what turns out to be a double celebration – she’s also pregnant.   I really like Lily, especially after watching the Channel 4 series about the shop she set up with her sister.  She’s obviously intelligent, very down to earth, and all round awesome.  So I  wanted to like her wedding dress.

The thing is, as separate elements, I liked her outfit.  Her dress was very boho cool, and her veil was beautiful.  And together they might have worked on a much taller girl, though I’m not sure.  It just felt like it overwhelmed her – there was an awful lot of dress and an awful lot of veil and not much of Lily going on.

I think had she gone with the same veil, but with a simpler, straight sleeveless dress (flapper style) that showed a bit of ankle, she would have looked awesome.  Or if she’d gone with the dress, but had something simpler like a flower in her hair, ditto.  Together, I’m just not convinced.

Am I off the mark here?  What do you think?!

If you want to get your hands on a Delphine Manivet dress like the v. pretty one on the right (Raphael), Browns Bride stocks them.

Photo Credit: Rex

Mother of the Bride | Jane & Marilyn

I got an email from Jane yesterday about Jane & Marilyn‘s mother of the bride range, and really liked the gowns (v. elegant and foxy!), but most particularly loved the photographs.  They’ve taken a whole lot of different women from all walks of life as their models – it just makes me smile every time I look at them.

Check out the gallery below if you’d like to see more.

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