Wedding Accessories

Oh, Vintage Wedding Dress Company, you’re so fine…

I’ve had a slight bee in my bonnet in the past few years over wedding dress designers photographing their gowns with accessories that (in my humble opinion) make the dresses even more delicious than they might be otherwise, but not actually selling the aforementioned accessories.  So that frothy lacy affair the model had draped around her shoulders?  Nope.  Sorry, that doesn’t come with this dress.  But… that’s the REASON I loved that dress SO MUCH.  Wah!

Also, I’ve always fancied the idea of buying a fairly plain (cheap) wedding gown and zuzhing it up with bits and bobs, thus transforming it into giddy couture-esque heights whilst back-patting myself on my thrifty creativity.

SO.  I was beyond delighted to discover that Charlie Brear from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company has (cleverly) released a series of accessories that will add sizzle to any wedding dress, and allow a bride to change up her look without having to splurge on a second wedding dress.

Here are some dazzling beauties – see the VWDC website for more »


Ugly Lovely Millinary

A good couple of years ago, I went to an art fair near Oxford, and bumped into a stall holder called Sahar who was a talented milliner, amongst other hightly creative pursuits.  She also has a quirky company name – UglyLovely. Anyway, her hats are beautiful, and a seriously wonderful alternative to a veil. – Keren

Alan Hannah Accessories

I’d like to share something rather special with you – one of the projects we’ve been busy with over the last few months has been an ecommerce website for Alan Hannah.  They’ve put together their very own Alan Hannah wedding accessories range to match up with their gorgeous Alan Hannah and MiaMia dresses, and I can honestly and unbiasedly… is that even a word??… say that they have some of the prettiest bling I have ever seen.