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Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

If you have a keen eye for fashion and are of the ‘freshly proposed to’ variety, I have no doubt that the burning question of The Dress is weighing on your mind. Although if you’re anything like me, proposing wasn’t even on the cards when I was putting serious thought into The Dress. *Ahem*.   Let’s just agree that The Dress is verrry important.

So, that fact established, you’ll no doubt be wondering what wedding dress trends you need to keep in mind. Because being accused of being ‘so yesterday’ on your wedding day would be no fun at all.  Although if you have friends like that, dear reader, please don’t invite them.

I valiantly shoulder the task of eyeballing wedding dresses on a regular basis (see, those years of research are unwasted.  I’m not a frivolous time waster after all).  So here’s my take on the top 10 wedding dress trends for 2018 from the latest bridal gown collections to hit the catwalks.

1. The Sheer Look

The sheer wedding dress look is officially on trend.  Yep, you read that right – sheer, as in see-through.

Now depending on how brave you are, you can go for actual nipple exposure, or just pretend nipple exposure with a nude coloured material underneath.  It’s like a really great joke on your grandma to give her a slight heart attack until she manages a closer look.  Unless of course you go for full nipple exposure.  In which case I hope your grandma is made of stern stuff.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Sheer

Clockwise from top left: Vera Wang, Rime Arodaky, Cortana, Rosa Clara


Top 10 French Wedding Dress Designers

This is an updated version of my blog post from two and half years ago. I’ve revisited each designer, mulled over new ones, and edited out and added in, as well as updating the images to the designers’ latest collections.

The same cool, clean elegance in a French woman’s every day wardrobe can be found in their top wedding dress designers. Often boho, always modern, usually understated.

Structure seems to be thrown out of the window, leaving me wondering if their dresses would look any good on anybody larger than slim. After all, that’s what structure and corsets are for – pulling all your bits and pieces into the right places.

I’ve been sifting through French designers and picking out my top 10 favourites. So in no particular order, here they are:

1. Delphine Manivet

Delphine Manivet encapsulates everything about great French wedding gown designers. Endlessly tasteful, beautifully made, with an element of rock chick that screams coolness (in a good way).

Delphine Manivet 2018 Collection


Designer Spotlight: Rita Mae

You want to get married in something a little less formal. You’re looking for a city hall outfit. You’re after something strongly fifties in flavour. Short wedding dresses are a great option in any of those circumstances. And the design house Alan Hannah decided to answer that need with their new label, Rita Mae. The dresses speak for themselves – beautifully designed in Marguerite Hannah’s inimitable style. And making the gowns available in short, tea-length or long creates extra flexibility for any bride.



Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2015

Catwalks worldwide have had their annual explosion of laces, tulles, sparkles and silks. If you’re in the League of Brides to Be Who Enjoy Fashion (otherwise snappily known as the LBBWEF), you’re probably wondering what trends there are to bear in mind when you step on into your local bridal gown supplier. And I’ve put together this little guide to help you on your way. If you find the trends confusingly poles apart, well, that’s because they are. 😀

So here, in no particular order, are my top ten picks for wedding dress trends in 2015.

1. Covering up

It’s official – modesty is currently fashionable. Brides who were always going to go for a modest gown can feel downright smug, because you’ll be spoilt for choice. High necks, long sleeves, and lashings of material are where it’s at right now. Be warned though, if you’ve been blessed in the breast department, high necked gowns will make you look melon-esque.

Modest Wedding Dresses

From top left: MiaMia Bridal, Jesus Peiro, Rosa Clara, Elizabeth Stuart, Pronovias, Temperley London (photo by Thomas Iannaccone).


Oh, Vintage Wedding Dress Company, you’re so fine…

I’ve had a slight bee in my bonnet in the past few years over wedding dress designers photographing their gowns with accessories that (in my humble opinion) make the dresses even more delicious than they might be otherwise, but not actually selling the aforementioned accessories.  So that frothy lacy affair the model had draped around her shoulders?  Nope.  Sorry, that doesn’t come with this dress.  But… that’s the REASON I loved that dress SO MUCH.  Wah!

Also, I’ve always fancied the idea of buying a fairly plain (cheap) wedding gown and zuzhing it up with bits and bobs, thus transforming it into giddy couture-esque heights whilst back-patting myself on my thrifty creativity.

SO.  I was beyond delighted to discover that Charlie Brear from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company has (cleverly) released a series of accessories that will add sizzle to any wedding dress, and allow a bride to change up her look without having to splurge on a second wedding dress.

Here are some dazzling beauties – see the VWDC website for more »


Wedding Dress Designer for Mila Kunis in Ted

If you’ve joined the ranks of admirers of the beautiful wedding dress worn by Mila Kunis in Ted, you officially have good taste. A gorgeously warm taupe/gold colour, her wedding gown was designed by the inimitable Monique Lhuillier – a designer whose work is so delicious, it gives you eye ache.

Dress image from Bauer Griffin.

Now oddly, the dress used is from a couple of seasons ago – called Amelie – and it’s not available anymore.  🙁  HOWEVER.  Monique Lhuillier has many other gorgeous creations, some in a similar vein.  Here are some other mermaid/fishtail concoctions from Monique Lhuillier that may just fit the bill.

Vera Wang 2012 Spring and Fall Collections

Vera Wang’s 2012 Spring collection is notable not only for the fact that the wedding dresses are beautiful (well there’s a surprise – ha!), but also because they’re colourful. Colour has been a flirtation in past Vera Wang collections, but this collection is a full blown affair. Beautiful, non?

The Vera Wang Fall 2012 Collection is a much moodier matter altogether – titled ‘Witchcraft’, there is not a white dress in sight.

As an ardent admirer of anything Vera Wang, I’m somewhat predictably enamoured, but can imagine it’s not to everyone’s taste. I do love the wintery feeling in the Fall collection which contrasts with the more cheery, lighter tones of the Spring collection.

Vera Wang is a heavily influential figure in the wedding industry so I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see brides venturing away from white and ivory.

So, would you wear a black wedding dress??

*Photography of the Fall Collecion by Dan Lecca