Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2018

If you have a keen eye for fashion and are of the ‘freshly proposed to’ variety, I have no doubt that the burning question of The Dress is weighing on your mind. Although if you’re anything like me, proposing wasn’t even on the cards when I was putting serious thought into The Dress. *Ahem*.   Let’s just agree that The Dress is verrry important.

So, that fact established, you’ll no doubt be wondering what wedding dress trends you need to keep in mind. Because being accused of being ‘so yesterday’ on your wedding day would be no fun at all.  Although if you have friends like that, dear reader, please don’t invite them.

I valiantly shoulder the task of eyeballing wedding dresses on a regular basis (see, those years of research are unwasted.  I’m not a frivolous time waster after all).  So here’s my take on the top 10 wedding dress trends for 2018 from the latest bridal gown collections to hit the catwalks.

1. The Sheer Look

The sheer wedding dress look is officially on trend.  Yep, you read that right – sheer, as in see-through.

Now depending on how brave you are, you can go for actual nipple exposure, or just pretend nipple exposure with a nude coloured material underneath.  It’s like a really great joke on your grandma to give her a slight heart attack until she manages a closer look.  Unless of course you go for full nipple exposure.  In which case I hope your grandma is made of stern stuff.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Sheer

Clockwise from top left: Vera Wang, Rime Arodaky, Cortana, Rosa Clara

2.  Outerwear

Capes, jackets, boleros, knitwear, and other outerwear are turning up in most collections.  And they can turn a simple, plain wedding gown into something special.

If you live somewhere cooler (or where the weather is a lottery… like, I dunno, the UK), any kind of outerwear is useful.  Blue, goose-pimpled flesh is uncomfortable and downright unattractive, colour me rude.

Hip hip hooray, for warmth on The Day!

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Outerwear

Clockwise from top left: Alan Hannah, Charlie Brear, Jesus Peiro, Monique Lhuillier

3. Unstructured Gowns

If you are blessed in the breastage department (back to boobs again), you’re probably best avoiding truly unstructured wedding gowns, as they have no corseting or pully-uppy structure to hold your bits and pieces in place.

That said, unstructured gowns are a brilliant friend to our less well-endowed sisterhood.  So pretty, yet so cool.  French wedding dress designers tend to be pros at these style of gowns, but they’re creeping into other collections too.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Unstructured

Clockwise from top left: Dana Bolton, Laure De SagazanCharlie BrearJesus Peiro

4. Sleeves

It’s remarkably difficult to find wedding dresses without sleeves in many collections, and they come in all shapes and sizes.  Though I haven’t yet spotted leg-of-mutton jobs.  For which I am grateful, having been traumatised by them in the ’80s.  Although, to be fair to leg-of-mutton sleeves, the wedding dresses I remember were afflicted with particularly enormous versions, and that massive shouldery look was just. not. flattering.

I can imagine a more modest version that could look nice.  (To avoid egg on my face when they become wildly fashionable and appear in every collection in 2019.)  OTHER sleeves of great aesthetic appeal are everywhere.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Sleeves

Clockwise from top left: Peter Langner, Theia Couture, Temperley London, Tadashi Shoji

5. Boho

Boho (short for bohemian) is a wedding dress style still going strong, and I suspect here to stay.  This, despite the declarations of many fashionista types that it would fade as fast as it arrived.  There’s nothing I like more than trend forecasting anomalies.  Giving the middle finger to those who know better.

I suspect this is because boho satisfies the aesthetics of a particular type of bride – cool, edgy, a bit rock’n’roll.  The type of girl who likes sand, sun, and nature, who has loose braids and natural wavy hair.  And somebody who generally buys into a hipster, even hippie ethos.  Which is why I suspect boho wedding dresses are here to stay – in our  hi-tech world, boho is about a whole lifestyle that brings nature closer.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Boho

Clockwise from top left: Rue De Seine, Anya Fleet, Rembo Styling, Catherine Deane

6. The Jumpsuit

Apparently jumpsuits were invented in the early 1900s for leaping out of airplanes (parachuting and skydiving, as opposed to suicide bids).  Is that some sort of metaphor for marriage?  The leap into the unknown, the thrilling ride, the loud screams as you plummet.  Could be, could be.

It would seem that the jumpsuit has made it from fashion statement to fashion staple, and many a wedding gown designer are including one or two in their collections.  If you’re looking for something non-traditional, or are having a ceremony that’s more low key, a jumpsuit might be perfect for your occasion.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Jumpsuit

Clockwise from top left:  Sanyukta Shrestha, Viktor Rolf, Kaviar Gauche, Elie Saab

7. Cut-outs

Cut-outs are sexy.  Fact.  Depending on how bold you’re feeling, there are options, from baring a little to a LOT.  It can be kept subtle with overlays of lace or tulle. Just in case you’re concerned about Grandma’s heart, and all that.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Cutouts

Clockwise from top left: Suzanne Neville, Amanda Wakeley, Inmaculada Garcia, Divine Atelier

8. Hints of Colour

Colour, colour, everywhere.  For those of us with complexions rendered sallow or ill-looking by white, you’ll be pleased to know that colour continues to put in an appearance, and isn’t it wonderful?!

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Colour


Clockwise from top left: Reem Acra, Emily Riggs Bridal, Alan Hannah, Mira Zwillinger

9. Heavy Detailing

Want sparkles?  Beads?  Or LOADS of lace?  Feathers perhaps?  Tassles and fringes?  Laser cut out leaves and flowers?  Yep, you guessed it, there are many dresses to satisfy any of the above.  What’s more (when done well), they can look sensational.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Heavy Detailing

Clockwise from top left: Mira Zwillinger, Ersa Atelier, Suzanne Neville, Inbal Dror

10.  Super clean lines

If you’re concerned that lots of detailing is fashionable and you’re a super clean lines kinda gal, you need not worry.  Designers are juxtaposing heavy detailed dresses with gowns completely free of any extra sparkles in their collections.  Importantly,  these type of gowns have to be designed exquisitely.  Otherwise, they’re just reeeeallly dull.

Wedding Dress Trends 2018 - Clean Lines

Clockwise from top left: Romona Keveza, Suzanne Harward, Peter Langner, Alan Hannah

So that’s my summary of wedding dress trends for 2018!

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  1. Gorgeous gowns! The delicacy of the sheer look is so minimal, feminine and lovely, while the heavy detailing has its own level of beauty with added texture. No matter what your tastes, you’re bound to find a trend that suits you. Thanks for sharing these!


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