Something that made me laugh

Going on a flying fox in your wedding dress seems completely nuts anyway (yikes, imagine flashing your wedding night undies at your wedding guests, AND catching your gown in the wheel and leaving half of your skirt behind… classy), but going on a flying fox closely followed by your heavier groom without considering the laws of gravity is just… well, take a look.

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Two things that made me laugh

Two things that made me laugh this week:

Look closely – Will’s hair has taken on a remarkably reddish patina.  I’m quite seriously tempted to buy it, just for the amoosement factor.  You can pick up your own here »

And this animated gif had me shooting tea out my nose (too charming I know).

It’s true, this really did happen to this most unfortunate couple – see their original wedding video on YouTube here»

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Dressmess – Oh the Horror

I saw a dress very much like this on the catwalk at the bridal trade show I went to, and was grateful for the darkness and loud music that smothered my giggling.  In fact some of the dresses were so bad, I was very keen to share, but sadly I cannot for the life of me find the designer’s website – not helped by the fact that I don’t speak their language so Google is not helping.  Nonetheless, one of the dresses was very similar to this stunner.   For some reason, being able to see a bride’s underwear is tres chic for some.  My mother would NOT approve.   Via Wedinator »