Wedding Dress Designer for Mila Kunis in Ted

If you’ve joined the ranks of admirers of the beautiful wedding dress worn by Mila Kunis in Ted, you officially have good taste. A gorgeously warm taupe/gold colour, her wedding gown was designed by the inimitable Monique Lhuillier – a designer whose work is so delicious, it gives you eye ache.

Dress image from Bauer Griffin.

Now oddly, the dress used is from a couple of seasons ago – called Amelie – and it’s not available anymore.  🙁  HOWEVER.  Monique Lhuillier has many other gorgeous creations, some in a similar vein.  Here are some other mermaid/fishtail concoctions from Monique Lhuillier that may just fit the bill.

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  1. gravatar Sid Phoenix


    I went to see Ted with my girlfriend a few weeks ago and aside from thoroughly enjoying the film she was completely enamoured with the earrings Mila Kunis is wearing in this wedding scene. I’ve been trying to track them down to see if I could surprise her with a pair and I’m having a bit of trouble. Any chance you might be able to help out?

    Thanks in advance!



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