Well hello there…

I think it’s time to stick my head out from under this rather cosy rock I’ve been living under these last four months. And what a four months it’s been.  Wills and Kate got engaged, there was a rotten earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, and another rotten earthquake in Japan. Two mornings I’ve woken up to news of bad earthquakes and felt sick with dread at the knowledge that people I loved were at the epicentres (my brother lives in Christchurch, my best friend was holidaying in Japan).  Both are fine, thankfully, though my brother’s house not so much.

Sandwiched in-between all that was some bad health news (not terrible, I’m not going to keel over or anything, hopefully…*gulp*) that I’ve now mostly managed to get my head around, along with other work that has had to take precedence (paying the rent and all that).  Thus I haven’t been feeling up to posting.  Heyho. QUITE glad those four months are behind me.

SO ANYWAY, I’m back, and raring to go.

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