Tuesday Wedding Dress Head to Head

I thought it might be fun to see what you lot think of various dresses, and so have put together a dress versus dress poll for some opinions.  I’ve picked out similar silhouettes but different textures to get a feel for what you like. SO.  Today, we have Justin Alexander versus Maggie Sottero – what do you think?

Wedding Jewellery for a Square Neckline (Jewellery Series – Part 1)

Today we have a guest post from Susan who owns Wow Tiaras – I met Susan at a bridal trade show, and was thoroughly impressed with how beautiful (and intricate) her jewellery is.  You can buy her jewellery online at her Etsy store – go check it out for a drool (and purchase!) session.  Anyway, over to Susan.

I absolutely love this elegant gown (‘Nicola’) by Ana Cristache.  It caught my eye whilst checking out the website for Emma Payne’s new Knightsbridge bridal boutique, and on closer inspection its definitely my favourite dress from the new collection.  It’s beautifully understated and to my mind the simple silhouette evokes forties hollywood glamour.  The unusual square neckline presents a couple of issues when thinking about accessories and as someone who designs jewellery, I wanted to share a few of my thoughts.

The neckline on this gown is quite high and as it’s a definite feature I would avoid wearing a large neckpiece which will only detract from it.  A ‘Y’ shaped necklace or one with a large central ‘drop’ will only fight with the bodice edge.  If you absolutely must have a necklace with a square neckline I’d go for either a single strand of smallish pearls worn at the collarbone or a dainty pearl choker worn higher around the throat.

My own preference would be for alternative finishing touches such as a substantial bracelet, glamorous earrings or a sparkling hair comb or clip.  (I’d probably wear all three being a bit of a magpie!).  Choose earrings that are on the dainty side and keep the true ‘shoulder-dusters’ for a strapless gown.  I’d avoid spoiling the polished look with a tall spiky tiara and would instead suggest pinning your hair up softly or catching back one side above the ear and adding a sparkling hair jewel.  Finally, a heavy cuff bracelet will add a touch of decadence for those who feel that ‘sparkly headgear’ is just not their bag.

Emma Victoria Payne Bridalwear

I got an email from Emma Payne about her new bridalwear boutique – in her own words…

“We have just opened a luxury bridal boutique on Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge providing a bespoke made to measure service. We showcase three bridal collections: Ana Cristache, La Sposa (part of Pronovias) and our own signature luxury collection as well as a wonderful range of bridal accessories.

We offer a very personal service so each design within the collection is very adaptable – the bride can have the silk of her choice and apply changes to the design.”

I get lots of boutiques wanting me to blog about them, but what’s got me intrigued with this one is the gorgeous photo of their own embroidered organza full length coat (see left) which is extraordinarily pretty. Emma’s collection is currently in production so no photos yet, but if the coat is anything to go by, I’m excited! She’s going to send me some pictures when it’s done, so I’ll keep you lot posted.

Check out her website here: Emma Victoria Payne

Two by Rosa Clara

I’ve commented previously about Spanish designers – there are a plethora of formidably good fashionistas from Spain who I am quite sure flourish from consistently good weather, amazing scenery and a diet of extremely yummy food.  Yes, Spain is on my list of favourite holiday destinations!

Anyway, that is completely beside the point.  I’ve just stumbled across some extremely lovely wedding dresses that are targeted at a slightly lower budget (around £1,000) from Two by Rosa Clara.  Now what’s got me really excited is that the same fashion house also does tops to go over your gown to give it a completely different look, so you can switch it up during the big day and really confuse your guests.  I actually prefer the look of the gowns with the tops on, but anyway, here’s a taster.  Make sure you take a proper look through their website – I can’t really do it all justice on here.

10 Wedding Gowns with Flower Power

There’s a trend you may have seen that’s been around a while in the bridal fashion world.  Gowns are designed with material flowers placed in various places for maximum effect.  While I’ve seen this overdone outrageously on occasion (and I’ll be the first to admit that my tastes tend toward less fussy lines), I do love how pretty some of the designs are.  So, eye candy for both you and me to enjoy:

1. Ian Stuart, 2. Lyn Ashworth, 3. Charlotte Balbier

4. Alan Hannah 5. Kula Tsurdiu 6. Suzanne Ermann

7. Linea Raffaelli 8. Jesus Peiro 9. Benjamin Roberts 10. Two by Rosa Clara

MiaMia Bridal by Alan Hannah

Well that’s a freaky coincidence. I spotted an ad with a wedding dress so lovely it made my eyes ache, looked up the advertised web address and realised that it’s a new ready to wear range by Alan Hannah – how exciting! Apologies internet for two Alan Hannah posts in a row, but it was an accident, honest.

Anyway. MiaMia Bridal. What can I say, but “Wow!”. Go look yourself if you don’t believe me. MiaMia Bridal »

Alan Hannah has also sent me a couple of shots from their latest collection called English Romantics due out very soon (thanks Alan!). Oh, I’m exceedlingly smitten with the flower neckline number on the right.

The Alan Hannah Advertisement for the non-TV watchers

I received a heads-up late last year from Alan Hannah – they’re in the middle of photographing their new collection for 2010, (which isn’t on their website just yet… but soon, apparently.  Patience is a virtue, and all that.  I’m the most patient person in the world.  WOULD YOU HURRY UP ).  Anyway, their ad is apparently running on Wedding TV (you may have seen it) – it’s very pretty, and deserves more than the 260 views it currently has on YouTube!

Veromia Wedding Gowns

I’ve stumbled across Veromia a few times in my travels, thought they had very pretty gowns but nothing that really inspired me to blog, but my word, Jason Jennings has come up trumps with this lovely vision of a wedding dress – absolutely exquisite.  This would be an inspired choice for any bride who doesn’t want white, and the combination of brown and pink (which sounds really quite foul – “Yes, I’m getting married in brown and pink”…!, but in this dress is simply gorgeous) would suit a lot of different complexions.

View the Veromia website »


Carolina Herrera Wedding Dresses

I avoid posting about US designers simply because this blog is really for UK readers, and it seems a bit pointless waxing lyrical over designers who are fairly inaccessible to Brit brides, unless they’re into jetting off overseas for the sake of their big day.

Carolina Herrera is one of those US designers who I’ve heaved wistful sighs over – she has utterly gorgeous wedding gowns that make me drool on every perusal. So after another idle glance through her website this morning, I discovered (to my delight) that Browns Bridal is the sole stockist in the UK, so if you too were longing for a Carolina Herrera gown, you’re now officially in luck, and you’ll only need to go as far as London.

Caroline Herrera Caroline Herrera