Kula Tsurdiu Wedding Dresses

I was at the National Wedding Show at the NEC in Birmingham today (it was heaving with brides), and wandered by Kula Tsurdiu Bridal Couture – a model was wearing a beautifully made silk wedding dress with a bow – completely stunning.  At the moment they sell directly to the public, but I hope they turn wholesale and extend their reach further afield. The dresses are lovely, well designed, and a fantastic example of quality British bridalwear.

Check out their website – Kula Tsurdiu Bridal Couture »

Kula Tsurdiu Sample Sale »

Latest Wedding Dress Fashion – Sleeves

According to some top wedding dress designers who were asked what they saw as the next Big Thing in bridal gown fashion, sleeves are coming back in to fashion. I doubt that sleeveless will ever go out – sleeveless is beautiful in so many ways, but I’m pleased that more dresses with sleeves are appearing on the scene. There are some beautiful dresses with sleeves about.

Left to right:
Alan Hannah, Ian Stuart, Suzanne Neville

Left to right:
Lyn Ashworth, Sassi Holford, Ritva Westenius

Left to right:
Imogene, Sincerity Bridal, Essense

Left to right:
Leigh Hetherington, Charlotte Balbier, Amanda Wakeley

Planning a Credit Crunched Budget Wedding

As the credit crunch tightens up purse strings, I’ve been looking more at ways of having a cheap (but not cheap looking) wedding.

There are some great websites out there as resources.

An excerpt from “100 ways to cut wedding costs“:

Timing is everything
Whether it’s the season, time of day, or just a good time to shop,
considering timing can make a big difference in your budget. These are
a few ways you can put time on your side to get a good deal.

1) Plan ahead: If you get started early, you’ll have the time and flexibility to shop sales, cut coupons, do-it-yourself and comparison shop.

2) Avoid party seasons:
If you get married during prom, Christmas, or other party seasons,
you’ll be competing with schools, corporations and other party planners
for venues, caterers and more. The demand can drive up costs

Read the 98 other pointers (!) here – cut wedding costs

A super helpful UK resource is the Cheap Wedding Blog filled with loads of goodies on everything from cheap wedding venues to stories from Real Life Brides who successfully pulled together a wedding on a budget.

And who couldn’t help but be inspired (and a little awed) by the $2000 Budget Wedding.

The Wedding Singer

I made this Flash movie a wee while ago, and thought other people might like it… Warning: it has sound, so beware, naughty work surfers…

[flash https://www.weddinggowntown.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/frog_revised.swf w=595 h=514]

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses

I found out over the weekend that Vera Wang Wedding Dresses are available in Selfridges, in London, so you can get them in the UK after all. There isn’t even a decent page about it on the Selfridges website, so I’m not going to bother linking off to it.

I’m feeling vaguely disappointed that they’ve gone through a massive department store, rather than a boutique bridal shop.

Jesus Peiro… in the flesh!

OK, so slight exaggeration – more like, in the material.  And it wasn’t Jesus Peiro himself, it was his wedding dresses, but they are gooooooorgeous.  So gorgeous that carpet cleaners were called in to mop up my drool.  The material is stunning, and the lines of the dresses are even cleaner in real life than they are in pictures.  Oh, and they’re expensive.  Deservedly so.

I mentioned my Euro Vera Wang competition, and the Jesus Peiro sales rep said that Jesus Peiro is influenced by Vera Wang’s work… so definitely a contender.

British Bridal Exhibition

We’re off to the British Bridal Exhibition in Harrogate tomorrow – it’s an industry exhibition, so not open to the general public.  It will have a lot of the new collections due out next year, so I’ll get a great preview of what’s coming up.  I’m quite excited. Tim not so much…

I’m hoping to get lots of titbits to post on here, so keep your eyes peeled on Tuesday.

Jesus Peiro Wedding Dresses

Jesus Peiro is my second contender for the Euro Vera Wang contest.  His website has the kind of menubar that is overwhelmingly frustrating to use (you’d never know I was a web designer, huh), but his wedding dresses are oh so worth the persistence… *drool drool*  They have utterly amazing lines.

If you can put up with it, view his website – Jesus Peiro.

Stockists in the UK include Blackburn Bridal Couture, Morgan Davies London, Miss Bush, Bea Das Couture, Me Me Me, and Bridal Rooms of Wellswood.

Jesus Peiro