Top Six Wedding Dress Trends for 2009/2010

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Our current wedding fashion trends feel really diverse – you can have a wedding gown style based on pretty much any era of fashion and still be extremely fashionable.

So what’s in store for this year and next?  What wedding dress styles are hot, or going to become hot?  Some leading wedding gown designers were asked that same question, and the following are what they predicted.

1. Sexy Slinky Silhouettes

If you’ve got a fab figure (or fantastic suction underwear!), now is the time to do a victory dance – sexy, figure-hugging wedding dress silhouettes will be hot for the next couple of seasons.

Left to right:

Maggie Sottero, Justin Alexander, Jesus Peiro

Close-cut Wedding Dress Fashion

2. Ballgown Styles

For those who loved the wildly ridiculous yet fabulous gowns in Gone with the Wind (*blush*), and for many of us who want to disguise our thighs, ballgown style wedding gowns are back. Fabulous! Ballgown wedding dresses have many rather wonderful upsides, including squishing you into the shape you desire, giving you fabulous cleavage, and being impossible to remove on your own ;-).

From left to right:

Sottero & Midgley, Maureen Myring Kesterton, Ian Stuart


3. Fifties style wedding gowns

This is the one I’m really very pleased about – I always have and probably always will love 50’s style glamour. There’s something about the whole belted waist idea that makes me happy.   And the Stephanie Allin gown on the left is probably my current favourite gown of any I’ve seen (…and I see a LOT).

From left to right:
Stephanie Allin, Sarah Danielle, Suzanne Ermann


4. Mermaid Style Wedding Gowns

Apparently mermaid style wedding gowns are also a fifties influence, and thinking about it, one of my favourite dresses of all time is the dress Audrey Hepburn wore to the races in My Fair Lady – an extremely tight-fitting mermaid style gown.

From the left:

Benjamin Roberts, Pronovias, Ellis Bridals


5. Tea-length wedding dresses

Tea-length wedding dresses are fabulous for a more casual, less traditional wedding, especially if you have a nice pair of pins and some knock-out shoes.   Once again, the 50s influence is shining through!

From left to right:

Alan Hannah, Charlotte Balbier, Leigh Hetherington,


6. Grecian Goddess wedding dresses

Are you in touch with your inner goddess?  Grecian style wedding dresses are hot at the moment – high-waisted with floaty materials, they would make me look like a mountain, but if you’re slim and smaller breasted, it’s a style that could look stunning.

From left to right:

August Jones, Lambert Creations, Manuel Mota


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  1. They are fabulous. I do like the second dress in the first row, it is my hope, that one can be available for me, when I am getting married. I will be delightful, if the cost can be posted and the necessary avenues for its availability

  2. gravatar Ema

    To S. Noreen Daley….you can find the dress you like so much on the Justin Alexander website, page 7, dress #8412. They have a picture of the back of the dress there, it’s beautiful. The location of retailers that sell the dresses are listed on the website. Prices are rarely listed, you usually have to inquire with a retailer to find that out.

  3. gravatar Christie

    Whew, what a relief! I chose a gown that is not only perfect for me, but is also in line with the trends for 09-10!

    My gown is under section #2: the Sottero & Midgley on the left (RSM1038) and let me assure anyone else who might be interested, that it is JUST a fabulous in person as it is on the model in the photo! Pretty much anything Maggie Sottero = MAGnificent!

  4. gravatar Kimberly

    Hi, I absolutely LOVE the mermaid gown that’s in the middle but cannot find it anywhere on the designers websites. I searched and searched Pronovias, Ellis Bridals and Benjamin Roberts which are listed as the dress designers, but no luck. Please help… I reallllllly want that dress. Thx.

    • Hi Kimberly,

      I’ve had a fruitless search too. It’s Pronovias, and from last year’s collection – they must have dropped it. If you have a ring around their stockists, you might get lucky.

  5. Such fabulous bridal trends this season, thank you Wedding Gown Town for the trend insights.
    Check out the next front cover of Cosmo bride for a fabulous fifties style gown by Sarah Houston.
    Find it at Exquisite Bridal Couture, Hampshire.

  6. gravatar enemuo ngozi chinwe

    i really appreciate how you guys give people insight on what to wear for thier wedding it’s nice.can it be possible having information on my mail box.

  7. gravatar FT

    I have the first maggie sottero dress… and it is even better in person! I can’t wait for it to get here! You lifted my spirits with this…

  8. gravatar Shari

    If true 50’s style is what this writer was looking for, the ONLY true “tea length” gown of the three shown is the one on the right, hitting just above ankle level. The other two are much too short to be considered tea length, and in the fashion of the day in the 50’s would have been considered street length, not tea length. All of my aunts were married in tea length gowns back then, considered very fashionable at the time, especially for less-formal but still beautiful occasions, so I’ve seen TONS of pictures of them!
    Otherwise, some very lovely gowns presented, with a few new twists and turns. Nice to see something that’s not the “same old same old” stuff all the time……

  9. gravatar Magdalena

    I love the 50’s style dress, the one on the far right hand side. Do you know where I can find some more info where to buy it? Thanks

  10. gravatar Katherine

    I have yet to see a Maggie Sottero dress I don’t LOVE! Also love her other line “Sottero & Midgeley” , which is actually the label I ended up buying!!!
    I have a sweet spot for the grecian style dresses too, and can’t go wrong with somethin a little out of the box like a tea length!
    I already have my dress and I LOVE it but I can’t help but drool over some of these!!

  11. gravatar Rose

    I have been looking for a wedding gown for a long time now. Found many pictures, designers and many recommended links from friends and family, but your post gave me what I was looking for in a plate of gold. Thank you for posting the pictures and designers links with it. Many people describe the pictures but never give credits as appropriate. Thank you so much for your sincere post and guide.

  12. gravatar leona

    I love the 1950s ball gown the first picture in the second set of pictures by Sottero & Midgley but I cant seem to find it on the website anyone know were I can get this.

  13. gravatar Elisabeth Becker

    Hi! I am in LOVE with the 50s style Sarah Danielle gown–do you have any more info about it?

  14. gravatar Kamasha Robertson

    Hi I am really interested in getting the Manuel Mota Grecian styled wedding gown that is featured on this page..It is the 3rd from left with the wide waist band and draping back..Please help me!!! Thanks in advance

    Kamasha Robertson


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