Hannibal Laguna Wedding Dresses

With a handle like Hannibal, you’ve got to do something pretty great with your life, or else you’ll get continuously sniggered at at dinner parties.  I think Hannibal is my first contender for the EuroVW crown.  VW standing for Vera Wang, as opposed to the car, which is fortunate, as otherwise this blog would have just gone sharply downhill (See the Vera Wang Wedding Dresses post).

So, Hannibal Laguna.  He’s got an annoying website, but forgiving him that, he’s got some lush dresses that have a certain Vera Wang flavour to them. He’s also got some suitably designery weird ones that I doubt any bride will ever wear, but that look pretty darn cool on the catwalk. Check out his various collections on his website.

Postscript: After being asked where you can buy Hannibal Laguna wedding dresses (he used to design for Pronovias, but doesn’t any more…), I called his sales line – apparently you can only buy them in Madrid. So if you want one, you’re going to have to make a special trip. I asked if they had any plans to sell in the UK, and the sales guy said “no, not at the moment…”

Hannibal Laguna

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  1. gravatar LaShonda

    I love his dresses! The more glitz the damn better for me! I want me wedding to be a fashion straight from Paris but that’s just my personality. All of my bridesmaids are tall and skinny so this will be perfect. Yes, it’s vain by what the hell it’s going to be FAB!!!!!

  2. gravatar Keren

    Congratulations! I’d love add some Real Life wedding pictures of different designers on to the blog, so if you want to share after the big day, please do.

  3. gravatar Joy

    Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a Hannibal Laguna dress? Pronovias no longer carry his dresses and I found no indication on his website as to where his dresses are sold!


  4. gravatar Marie

    Hey girls! I just bought my wedding dress from Hannibal Laguna – so I can tell you my price. It was approx 2500 GBP, but the shop I bought it in, in Denmark http://www.panayotis.dk, gave me discount of 40% because they are closing the shop – yeeehaaa… good for me 🙂 Good luck with finding his dresses in UK.

  5. gravatar Daisy

    Hey girls,

    I married now in July 2012 with a beautiful ivory mermaid Hannibal Laguna dress and I must say I looooved it. his dresses are made with a signature material that it is unique. the dress felt really haute-couture and I felt like a superstar on it. I decided to sell it because I just moved to NYC and we don’t have many closets to keep it. I’m happy to send you pictures in case you are interested. please add me in facebook; deise leobet and sent me a message saying you are interested in seeing it. best Daisy


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