Dress of the Day 02: Jesus Peiro

Jesus Peiro dresses are (honestly) even more delicious in real life than they are in pictures. It’s a miracle I managed to pick out just one from the plethora of toothsome (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to use that word, so excuse me while I indulge myself) gowns in the 2011 collection.  Why this one?  I think it’s the natural waistline, and the simplicity of the gown, but with the rather fabulous, slightly quirky assymetrical chiffon ruched detailing on the front.  Check out the rest of the collection and tell me which one you would have picked. – Keren

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  1. gravatar Renee - Wedding Planner

    wow, this dress is gorgeous. i love the one shoulder ruffles and the way the sleek bottom half contrasts to the top. i would wear this if I had my wedding all over again!


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