Latest Wedding Dress Fashion

Latest Wedding Dress Fashion – Sleeves

According to some top wedding dress designers who were asked what they saw as the next Big Thing in bridal gown fashion, sleeves are coming back in to fashion. I doubt that sleeveless will ever go out – sleeveless is beautiful in so many ways, but I’m pleased that more dresses with sleeves are appearing on the scene. There are some beautiful dresses with sleeves about.

Left to right:
Alan Hannah, Ian Stuart, Suzanne Neville

Left to right:
Lyn Ashworth, Sassi Holford, Ritva Westenius

Left to right:
Imogene, Sincerity Bridal, Essense

Left to right:
Leigh Hetherington, Charlotte Balbier, Amanda Wakeley

Latest Wedding Fashion – Ruffles

So ruffles on wedding dresses are back. I remember the last time they were in fashion. I also remember creasing up at the hilarious awfulness of them after they went out of fashion, but, sheep that I am, I now think that some ruffley dresses are rather wonderful; ruffles + wedding dress = stylish princess.

I’ve compiled a few so that you too can appreciate them in their ruffled glory.

From left to right, Charlotte Balbier, Ian Stuart, Suzanne Neville.

From left to right; Amanda Wyatt, Lucca, Ellis Bridal