Dress of the Day

Dress of the Day 02: Jesus Peiro

Jesus Peiro dresses are (honestly) even more delicious in real life than they are in pictures. It’s a miracle I managed to pick out just one from the plethora of toothsome (I’ve ALWAYS wanted to use that word, so excuse me while I indulge myself) gowns in the 2011 collection.  Why this one?  I think it’s the natural waistline, and the simplicity of the gown, but with the rather fabulous, slightly quirky assymetrical chiffon ruched detailing on the front.  Check out the rest of the collection and tell me which one you would have picked. – Keren

Dress of the Day 01: Sanyukta Shrestha

I made my way to a couture bridal trade show yesterday clad in inappropriate shoes (heels, to which I am unaccustomed to wearing – slippers being my more usual footage attire).  I was also clad in other garments I hasten to add, should you have a mental image of bloggers traipsing about trade shows in the altogether.  The point being that I came back from the aforementioned trade show with feet like sausages, cursing both the day that high heels were invented, and myself for allowing vanity to overrule saneness when one was expected to assail the pleasures of a train trip, an underground trip, a bus trip, a trek about, a surveying of a number of catwalk shows, and a good old gossip with various wondrous bridal designer folk.  Putting high heels to one side, my overall point (for I really do have one) is that IT WAS WORTH IT.  I saw so many delightful concoctions, all of which I am very keen to share with you. So, in the spirit of eking out my various discoveries (I know, what a tease), I’m starting off a ‘dress of the day’ slot.

Sanyukta Shrestha (a rather wonderful Nepalese name) was one of the designers I discovered yesterday – beautiful beautiful dresses.