Oh, Vintage Wedding Dress Company, you’re so fine…

I’ve had a slight bee in my bonnet in the past few years over wedding dress designers photographing their gowns with accessories that (in my humble opinion) make the dresses even more delicious than they might be otherwise, but not actually selling the aforementioned accessories.  So that frothy lacy affair the model had draped around her shoulders?  Nope.  Sorry, that doesn’t come with this dress.  But… that’s the REASON I loved that dress SO MUCH.  Wah!

Also, I’ve always fancied the idea of buying a fairly plain (cheap) wedding gown and zuzhing it up with bits and bobs, thus transforming it into giddy couture-esque heights whilst back-patting myself on my thrifty creativity.

SO.  I was beyond delighted to discover that Charlie Brear from The Vintage Wedding Dress Company has (cleverly) released a series of accessories that will add sizzle to any wedding dress, and allow a bride to change up her look without having to splurge on a second wedding dress.

Here are some dazzling beauties – see the VWDC website for more »


A bit of romance is in order…

…don’t you think?

Left to right: Alan Hannah Accessories / Image from Style me Pretty / Alan Hannah Gown (yum).

This is what a wedding is all about

I know this is a wedding fashion blog and all that, but the beauty and simplicity of a couple getting married in casual clothing and celebrating their commitment through a bunch of fun, straightforward, joy-filled things brings tears to my eyes. Beautiful.

Dress of the Day: 12 – Hayley Paige

Whilst the front of this wedding gown is extremely lovely, the back is even more so.  Something about the wispy chiffon crossover combined with the jewelled straps is just so very right.  See the original gown here »

Mia Mia 2012 Collection

Mia Mia have released their 2012 wedding gown collection, and (this is a first for me – no, really) never have I before felt compelled to slather a collection of photos all over my body :D .   They are deliciously rich and creamy, like an expensive moisturiser or an exceptionally good slice of cake.  And testimony to the fact that investing in beautiful photos makes your product just that much more desirable.  Drooling over photography aside, the dresses are equally delicious.   Mia Mia never fail to deliver beautifully fashionable gowns that are downright pretty, yet not meringue-esque.  Check out more on the Mia Mia website »

The Designer Vintage Bridal Show

I’ve been invited along to the Designer Vintage Bridal Show at Hagley Hall in Worcestershire, and can’t wait – the pictures look awesome.   If you like vintage gowns from the ’20s through to the ’70s (I wonder when the ’80s will become vintage.  Though on second thoughts, I hope it’s not too soon, seeing as I remember them clearly.  *gulp*) it might well be worth you trundling along too.

Designer Spotlight: Paula Del Vas

Paula Del Vas is another new (to me at least) designer who I stumbled across recently.  I’ve found myself more and more drawn to fashion forward wedding dresses of late, and her designs well and truely fit into that category.  Beautiful lines, completely wearable gowns, with the odd slightly avant garde design thrown in for good measure.

Couple’s Wedding Shoot crashed by Nude Cyclists (no, really)

Mark Tassoni  (a remarkably talented photographer as it happens) was out on a wedding photography session with some newlyweds when an extraordinary thing happened – a bunch of nude cyclists appeared in the road behind them.  And this photo is the result.   The bride cracking up (so to speak), the impish look on the groom’s face – pure genius.
Image copyright Mark Tassoni (thanks Mark!).

Dress of the Day: 11 – Kula Tsurdiu

Channelling Hollywood glamour in a beautifully simple, fashion forward way.  And those sleeves.  Mouth watering.   See more on Kula Tsurdiu’s website »

Designer Spotlight: Kisui

I’ve just discovered Kisui.  There is one word that nicely sums up their gowns, and that is ‘wow’.  Simple, clean lines, beautifully put together in the latest fashions to create deliciously beautiful wedding gowns.

They’re based in Germany so I’m not sure about the stockist status for elsewhere, but I’ll get in touch with them to see. Meanwhile, have a look at these beauties: